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Kokako | by "Out Shooting" photos :)
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There were actually 3 together but they did not want come out so I could get any better photos.


The Kōkako (Callaeas cinerea) is a forest bird which is endemic to New Zealand. It is slate-grey with wattles and a black mask. It is one of three species of New Zealand Wattlebird, the other two being the endangered Tieke (saddleback) and the extinct Huia. Previously widespread, Kōkako populations throughout New Zealand have been decimated by the predations of mammalian invasive species such as possums, stoats, cats and rats and their range has contracted significantly. There were formerly two sub-species of Kōkako, North Island and South Island, although the South Island subspecies may now be extinct. In the past this bird was called the New Zealand Crow even though it is not a crow at all, but looks like one from a distance.


From Wiki.

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Taken on September 25, 2011