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The Royal Applery

Here's my entry for the Job Muller contest on Classic-Castle.


One of the most efficient groups in the royal kingdom is the Applery.

The Applery is responsible for all of the apples grown in the kingdom, and has the job of making fine goods with them.

Some of the many things they make are pies, applesauce and fine pastries just to name a few. However, being a member of the Royal Applery is not always easy.


The archers are responsible for slicing and dicing the apple to the appropriate size, and if they cut it a bit too close to the "board", it can have dire consequences. Today it seems a new recruit from a galaxy far, far away has joined the ranks.


The "Boards" have by far the most dangerous job of the Applery. They must serve as the platform for the apples while the arches use their skills. As seen here, sometimes this doesn't quite work out....


Inside the main building you can find the hard working bakery staff. They take the diced, sliced, and whacked apples and turn them into delectable treats.

I do hope that the applesauce maker doesn't have athlete's foot...


Finally, on the top floor lives the Applery's head honcho, also known as "The Core." He lives in the main building of the Applery along with his wife Granny Smith, and oversees all of the work. Members of the Applery who don't quite work out have to deal with The Core's legendary "Peeler." People who have had the mystical Peeler used on them have never quite been the same...


That ends the tour of the Royal Applery. We hope you enjoy your complimentary jar of Applery Applesauce!


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Taken on February 20, 2009