Batman's The Tumbler
Functional minifig-scale Batmobile Tumbler with full suspension and opening hatch (no Batpod, sorry ;-).

“Got to get me one of those!” That was what I thought when I saw Zeto's Übertumbler some months ago. But I didn't have the building abilities at that time. Now I thought I should give it a try since the Tumbler is one of the coolest movie vehicles around.


- It should fit 2 figs (Batman and Rachel).
- It should have the typical front wheel suspension.
- It should be functional and playable since the Tumbler is an action vehicle.
- It should have no or only a few visible studs since the smooth surface is a typical aspect of the vehicle.
- It should consist rather of panels than of bricks.


- openable hatch
- rear suspension (live axle with spring)
- independent suspension of the front wheels (unsprung)
- steering (no real function, for presentation purposes only, some parts must be added)
- interior (with batarang holder!)

Credits and References

- Zeto Vince (, overall design, idea of tilting the backbone to get the typical angle, modular design)
- _Tiler (, overall design, some details)
- Brent Waller (, overall design)
- Pellaeon (, some details, I changed the rear wheels when I saw his Tumbler ;-)

Many thanks to my dear friend Philipp (Brucewaynelego-Toyshansolo) who helped me out with some very important parts.

Thanks for looking.
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