Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes for Horses

The world’s first intelligent Jogging Shoes for horses that revolutionizes the hoof contact with the ground. Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes are a new generation of hoof wear that provides protection and shock absorption, allowing the hoof to function naturally. The Jogging Shoes have been developed and tested under extreme conditions over several years in Norway.

We want horses to have healthy and strong hooves and we believe this is an important foundation for a horse, both mentally and physically. Hooves need protection from wearing out and to prevent injuries during training on hard surfaces. Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes for horses provides safety, protection and stability for the hoof and does not fall off because it is designed and engineered to work with the hoof anatomy and biomechanics.

The Jogging Shoe is based on the principle of being a light and comfortable jogging shoe that gives suspension, softness and comfort when the hoofs are impacting on the ground. The shoe provides protection against hard impacts so that tendons, joints and muscles are safeguarded. The Jogging Shoes adapts to the ground as well as the hoof to give a natural hoof step for the horse. The sole gives great grip on almost all surfaces, for example; asphalt, gravel, snow and terrain providing increased safety and comfort for both horse and rider.
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