Recluse Grave

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    Two centuries ago, a man lived in the area, a recluse shunned by the other villagers. Though wolf attacks were common at the time, his flock of sheep was never touched. One night when the moon was full, a farmer saw a wolf run into the shadows; he gave his gun and gave chase. He fired at a shot, but in the darkness, could not find the animal's corpse. He waited until the following morning, where he discovered the body of the recluse in his field. With the superstitions of the time, the villagers did not wish to bury the man in sacred ground, and so erected a tombstone far out in the surrounding forest. I remember coming across this grave as a child, but until now, I could not locate it despite my constant searching.

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    1. SF buckaroo ages ago | reply

      Nice work!

      Is this where you buried your brother?

    2. Punk Dolphin ages ago | reply

      "Damn villagers! Embrace the recluse"

      Great find! The toppled tombstone lying in the midst of this path. I love the way the trees seem to curve in at the top.

    3. Ichor ages ago | reply

      Awesome! Love this one!

    4. Erin Yvonne ages ago | reply

      ok I was just staring at the white light at the end of the path...and my power went out and I was left staring into darkness. That was freaky...

      Love this photo : )

    5. Hugo Provoste ages ago | reply

      another great one!

    6. m0smith ages ago | reply

      Great picture. I used it for a posting. Thanks for sharing.

      Being a bit of a genealogy buff, I think it would be great if you posted the information on the headstone.

    7. Linda GENEVA ages ago | reply

      wow great photo and very interesting story

    8. [deleted] 104 months ago | reply


      A fantastic photo and thank you for sharing the story behind it. Where abouts was this?

    9. berenice-nosferatu 101 months ago | reply

      beautiful atmosphere

    10. ATiwolf 100 months ago | reply

      Dude.This is Art.
      You Pwn.

    11. FultzEmily 92 months ago | reply

      absolutly a beautifuly morbid story and unworldly picture.

    12. gurd-guirdham 80 months ago | reply

      this is wicked! what did you take it using??

    13. Heart-on-Fire11(Kayla Brooke) [deleted] 76 months ago | reply

      this is amazing. love the feel to the picutre!

    14. ~Brenda-Starr~ 65 months ago | reply

      Marvelous image. Haunting story!

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