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Veterans Day

Today is Veteran's Day. Today, I know more veterans my age and younger than I do older. Three years into this war, and look at what we have achieved:


* Finding WMDS: Nothing found yet, but the White House has posted plans in Arabic to construct a fission bomb. If we tell the terrorists how to build WMDS, we have a better chance of finding some.

* Getting rid of Saddam Hussein: More Iraqi civilians have been killed in the three years of war than in the 23 years Hussein was in power.

* Access to oil: Hey, gas prices have dropped nearly a dollar... since peaking at an all-time record high last August.

* Keeping Americans safe from terrorism: The number of Americans who have died in the war is fast approaching the number that died in 9/11.

* Stopping terrorists: The number of terrorist convictions is no more higher than it was five years ago. But we've jammed our prisons full of a lot of Arabs committing credit-card fraud, and finally banned deadly lip-gloss from planes.


But hey, at least this administration supports our troops. And it may have even provided a whole bunch of new candidates for recruitment!

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Taken on November 10, 2006