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Healthy Red Tomatoes are Wet and Organic

Free picture of healthy red tomatoes that are wet and organic. This tasty photo was created for you by the organic fruit friend epSos.de and it can be used for free, if you link epSos.de as the original author of the image.


Remember the beautiful woman from TV. She used to eat red tomatoes and promised that it was healthy, while the red fruit was fresh and wet. Since that time epSos.de is programmed to like red fruits and vegetables on a warm wooden table.


Those attractive vegetables are tasty food and were grown for free, because the best fruits are always free and self-grown. This beautiful picture is a good reminder for the creative people who love to use the macro mode of their camera . The field of depth in a photo is dependent on the lens of the camera. One must have a very good lens to have professional looking pictures in macro mode.


Remember to eat healthy fruit that will make your health stronger. Put them in salad with tomatoes and other organic vegetable, because the natural and organic[ bio products are green for the planet.


The name a tomato occurs from ital. "pomo d'oro" — gold apple. Aztecs had the present name. Frenchmen altered it in фр. tomate (tomato).


Long time tomatoes were considered inedible and even as the toxicant. Tomato today is one of the most popular cultures thanks to the valuable nutritious and dietary qualities.


Mature fetuses of a tomato are rich of sugar and vitamin C. Fresh tomatoes and tomato juice are useful at cardiovascular diseases because of the big content in them of iron and a potassium.


The tomato has silnorazvity root system of rod type. Stalk at a tomato upright or polegayushchy, ветвящийся, height from 30 cm to 2 m and more. Tomato is a heat loving culture, optimum temperature for body height and development of plants is 22-25 °C.


The tomato badly transfers the increased humidity of air. Plants of a tomato are exacting to light. The tomato especially needs nitrogen in intensive body height of fetuses.


Crops of tomatoes make in hotbeds even in the winter, with such calculation that in a month after the 2nd sword-play it was possible to land them directly in soil.


Fetuses of a tomato use in nutrition fresh, boiled, fried, tinned. There is also a monument in Russia that is called «Glory to the tomato».


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Taken on October 18, 2012