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Black Coffee for Breakfast in White Porcelain Cup

Free picture of white porcelain cup with black coffee for breakfast. This tasty drink photo was created for you by the organic bean friend epSos.de and it can be used for free, if you link epSos.de as the original author of the image.


Free coffee from good friends is the best coffee in the world. The white porcelain cup is made from the special porcelain recipe of the traditional Fine Bone China porcelain. This white mug is very light and translucent. It is perfect for hot, black coffee on the wooden table during breakfast or a warm caffeine break.


Look at this picture. Imagine a beautiful day. You dink the pure caffeine magic of fresh coffee or tea. The energy is flowing into the veins and the addiction for beauty is craving for more espresso. The sun is hot and the iced drink on a white dish in the cozy bar is creating clean vision about the dream for organic plantations in the African landscape. The green leafs of the decorative plants create a warm atmosphere and the pot of coffee is warming the wood of the great table.


Coffee contains the vitamin Niacin. The name Bean coffee does not mean that the coffee is still to unspouses, but refers to the cleanness of the product and serves the differentiation of so-called spare coffee.


Today coffee is grown in more than 50 countries worldwide.


The word Coffee can be traced back up to Arabian qahwa which can also call wine beside coffee.


The coffee was originally very expensive, therefore, only moneyed citizens and aristocrats could afford the aromatic drink.


Honoré de Balzac always drank much strong coffee to remain awake, because he mostly worked twelve hours on the day. Ludwig van Beethoven had got into the habit of counting exactly 60 coffee beans to brew from it a cup of mocha.


The cultivation of coffee is connected with substantial effects on the environment. Traditionally coffee was grown in the shade of next, big trees.


Clearly lower environmental results go out from the ecological cultivation of coffee.


Coffee is the worldwide second-most important commercial product after oil.


With it coffee still before beer is the most popular drink of the Germans.


In Italy espresso is drunk with which water is escorted under high pressure by the fine-ground coffee and forms, besides, a foam of coffee bean oils, the creams.


Coffee from the Moka shows more bitters in comparison to an espresso and owns because of the small quantity of relaxed oils also no creams.


A cup with 125 ml filter coffee contains about 80-120 mg of caffeine.


Green coffee contains particularly many antioxidative substances.


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Taken on October 17, 2012