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Romantic Heart from Love Seeds

Romantic picture of a red heart from the love seeds of the sage tree. The red seeds can be sold for a high price, because they are supposed to bring love and peace to the one who has them.


Passionate lovers collect the seeds and give them to the best ones they know.


This romantic foto was created by my romantic friend epSos.de. This beautiful picture can be used for free, if you link epSos.de as the original author of the image.


The heart is a muscular organ found in all animals with a circulatory system. The heart ♥ has been used as a symbol for the spiritual, emotional, moral and intellectual core of a human woman.


In religious texts the heart was historically used for mystical significance or as metaphor of spiritual and divine.


The traditional heart shape vaguely resembles the human heart.


The seeds of the Saga tree are much valued in native jewelry for their bright coloration. Most beans are black and red, suggesting a ladybug. Other colors are available.


The seeds are very similar in weight. In Older times Indians used these seeds to measure. The measure was called Ratti. It was used to measure gold.


The Saga seeds have long been a symbol of love in China, so that their market value remains high.


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Taken on September 25, 2011