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Cute Rabbit Lantern Art is Chinese

Cute rabbit lantern from the Singapore lantern festival. This cute picture was created by my fantastic friend epSos.de. This beautiful picture can be used for free, if you link epSos.de as the original author of the image.


The lanterns or Yuanxiao party are a traditional Chinese holiday which concludes the New Year party of several days. His origins go back till the Han dynasty (206 V. Chr.-220 A.D.).


In the lantern party lantern exhibitions are organised in China and on Taiwan.


An important part of the lantern exhibition is also the guessing game: The representations on the lanterns contain riddle or the owners of the lanterns stick those on her lanterns, and the visitors can tear off them if they know her lysis. If they have properly got the riddles, they get a small present. Also the children play at this night with self-made or bought lanterns on the street.


It is also a custom to eat seaweed yuan in the lantern party. Because in the Chinese seaweed yuan and Tuanyuan sound similar, these are eaten symbolically for unity in the family. Also the lantern party is valid as a day of the bridal show and marriage endowment.


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Taken on September 5, 2011