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Trash Recycling with Disposal Containers

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Free picture of recycling trash containers for disposal of waste in those colorful bins. Happy people can dump their scrap metal into the yellow bin. Plastic goes into the red garbage container. Paper can be disposed into the blue trash can. Everything else can be thrown away into the green containers.

This beautiful picture can be used for free, if you link epSos.de as the original author of the image.

The picture was taken in the Hort Park of Singapore. People in this park like to recycle garbage into recycler cans that consist of solid metal. The trash cans are part of a successful waste management business that earns from public funds and by selling recycled materials. The garbage collection is a big business in Singapore.

The colorful dumpster containers look happy and always enjoy free junk food from the visitors of the park. The wastebaskets are made form recycled materials that have been previously disposed as rubbish.

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  1. ovidiusoft 37 months ago | reply

    Thank you for publishing this under a Creative Commons license! I used this photo here:



    Credit given at the end of the post(s). Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!


  2. marie equinoxe 35 months ago | reply

    Hola !
    Utilizó esta foto para el blog www.argentine-info.com

    Gracias !

  3. DONA119 23 months ago | reply

    Thanks i used it at eecoy.Com

  4. Ken Shelton 20 months ago | reply

    Thank you for making this image available in CC. I'm doing a workshop at Singapore American School and will be using this image with the teachers

  5. kralefski 7 months ago | reply

    I just used it for a post about recycling. Linked the image here and credited you with a footnote and a link to your photostream, though that link is not working for some reason. I'll try to fix it, though blog.topdollarmobile.es/?p=2389

  6. AlyHarrold 3 months ago | reply

    Great image! I used it on our client’s post Grow a Greener Business. The post will be published on January 17, 2014.

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