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    this picture is from a train station just outside of tokyo, japan. as we were getting on the escalator i noticed this poster. i know that the trains in japan are pretty notorious for this kind of behaviour, but i didn't realize they had cordoned off sections of the station where it is condoned. what a weird poster.

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    1. Unhindered by Talent ages ago | reply

      That is a deeply strange poster. Was it a warning of some sort?

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    2. 718 Shooter [deleted] 112 months ago | reply

      yeah.. i saw somethin like that over there.. lotta strange lil stickers all ova

    3. LeMans101 110 months ago | reply

      This is definitely a warning. In all likelihood both to women riding the escalator as well as a notice to men seeking to engage in this type of behavior. To the latter a sign like this says that there behavior will be understood for what it is in an attempt to reduce the sense of anonymity which enables them in the first place.

    4. este utero [deleted] 101 months ago | reply

      thats cute

    5. Leti Ssia 101 months ago | reply

      ma che cartello è?!?! in italia lo fanno i vecchietti al supermercato... :)

    6. eye eye eye 65 months ago | reply

      i think these women provoke it by wearing what they wear, ive never seen a city with women so scantily dressed, people respond to these strong visual stimuli and expecting them to 'control themselves' will not work, there is no need to dress like that unless you want attention

    7. Jeff Epp 65 months ago | reply

      @eye eye eye.
      women and men both need to learn to be more conservative.
      but your comment is ignorant. if i see a nice car parked and steal it because it is there for me to see - i go to jail. it is my lack of control that is the problem, not the owner of the car.

      comments like that are simply inexcusable.

    8. TRUE 2 DEATH 65 months ago | reply

      Jeff Epp well stated.
      eye eye eye shame on you.

    9. eye eye eye 65 months ago | reply

      i agree it may sound harsh and knowing perfectly that there are people out there who will never be able to control themselves would I still wear an outfit like some of the girls there do? I'd love to, it's just knowing what the abusers and sociopaths think through my professional practice with such people opened my eyes. They do not feel. Honestly. Most of them will never feel that kind of self control and respect. They only react. React to stimuli. So I guess it's my responsibility as a woman to be simply sensible. Or don't cry that they do it. Coz they won't stop.

    10. mariefjellborg 38 months ago | reply

      Hi! At what station was this, do you remember?

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