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Magenta Cast with Wide Angle lens Voigtlander M 15mm f/4.5 on NEX5-N.

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Sony NEX5-N and lens Voigtlander Super Wide Heliar 15mm f/4.5 Aspherical. Taken hand held at ISO 800, f/4.5, 1/1250s.White Balance was set on "Cloudy".

It was revealed in a recent test done by Steve Huff (see link below for full credit) that the SONY NEX7 produces an awful magenta color cast when wide angle lenses are used, like on the Leica M9. Unlike the M9 though the NEX7 does not have any in-camera processing to get rid of the magenta casts. He also tested the NEX5-N and stated that it behaved very well with the Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 which was used to compare the two Sony bodies.



Well, after testing this very lens (Voigtlander Super Heliar 15mm f/4.5 Aspherical) - thanks to Tomasz a flickr member who kindly lent me his lens to try it - I have experienced the following:

- the magenta cast is not eliminated at all on the NEX5-N as shown on the picture above. It exists on the extreme left and right side of the photo and only in extreme contrast situation.

- the photo I posted is the worst case of magenta cast I could witness.


On the photo below taken the very same day with same camera/lens combination, the magenta cast is less visible because of the lack of monotonous tone to reveal it and the presence of lens vignetting that helps. It is still visible if you pay attention on the branches of the tall tree at the extreme left:



The magenta cast can be hidden on photos with strong colors or dark areas on the side, such as this one taken on a sunny day:


  • Frank Kinnock 3y

    Nice shot - shame about the colour cast, but what's with the 16,777,216 views?

    Your wild bird pictures are really nice, but only get 32 views?
  • Bill D. 3y

    What is so hot about this photo that it gets so many hits, I wish this one of mine would get alot more, www.flickr.com/photos/billdroadrunner1/5964453050
  • episa 3y

    to billdroadrunner1: there is nothing even remotely appealing in this photo: I agree with you. The reason it has so many hits it is because of its technical content: a huge number of photographers have heard about the great capability of the SONY NEX5-N as a potential alternative platform to the M9 to carry the Leica M lenses, and the potential issue of magenta cast when mounted with extra wide lenses.
    The reason why this photo was visited by more than 10 million people is because it was referenced in the very well known forum of SteveHuff.
  • Oriolus84 3y

    There's no way this photo could actually have that many views though. As I calculated the other day, the photo was only posted on 5th Nov 2011, so it would need to have generated 9.7 views a second, every second, for the last 20 days, to get that high. I somehow doubt Steve Huff could possibly generate that much traffic . And the view counter hasn't changed at all the last few days. If it really did have 16, 777,216 views it would be the most viewed photo in the history of Flickr, by a long, long way.
  • episa 3y

    I do not know what to think. In the first days of posting the daily average was 1.2 million hits. now it is around 700,000 per day according to the flickr report which also reports that 99% of the clicks com from the steveHuff forum on the NEX7 test story.

    I find it too very bizarre because out of these supposedly zillion visits I did not get any comment - another clue that indicates that something is wrong. Anyway I keep my head cool: there is nothing in that picture or posting that deserves even a few hundred visits per day.
    I noticed that if you enter in google the words "NEX Magenta cast" the first two results points at this picture and another one I posted as well on flickr.

    I am more interested in reading the comments left by other friends photographers and leaving as well some comments to their photostream in order to compare/share experiences that I am interested in some sort of virtual race aimed at beating some counter...

    Oriolus84: you are living in Australia - lucky you. This has always been a favorite dream destination that I have still not experienced...
  • Oriolus84 3y

    Thats interesting what your stats say. I was looking for data on how much traffic stevehuffphoto.com gets, and this info from quantcast suggests the whole site has only got a daily maximum of 64900 page views, which means there is no way it could supply 1.2 million legitimate referrals in a day.

    In regard to the view counter being static on 16,777,216, someone noted that that number is exactly 2^24, and could be a largest possible value for that field. (In case you're wondering, your photos was mentioned in this thread in FlickrCentral.
  • episa 3y

    Thanks Oriolus84. It is a flickr fluke/bug then.

    It Is a more rational explanation than thinking that million of people are interested in examining the flaw of a camera-lens combination. :)
    I did not intend this thread to drift away from the photographic topic so I will close this last comment by saying that I decided to purchase the Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 VM (1st generation) because the number of shots I got with this magenta cast was very limited and only in very predictable circumstances (uniform grayish/pale tones). The price I paid used on ebay for this super sharp and super compact lens - $300 - fully justifies the purchase in my opinion.
  • JustinGreene 3y

    Currently shooting NEX5n with Voigtlander 15mm Version II, and experiencing the same purple color shift. Its not as bad as test shots I''ve seen on the NEX 7, but not pretty nonetheless.
    I shot with two different adaptors, the fotodiox adapter, and recently the voigtlander adaptor which is a much nicer fit. Still same shift.
    Curious, I was trying to use Cornerfix, but can not convert to DNG. I have photoshop CS3, and Aperture 3, but can't figure out how to convert to this format. Also downloaded the free Adobe converter, with no luck. Any Suggestions?
  • episa 3y

    Thank you JustinGreene for your helpful contribution by reporting the same issue of purple cast on the Voigtlander VM 15mm version II. I guess we will have to learn how to minimize the opportunities to create this purple cast by avoiding the plain gray mushy backgrounds. Sorry for not being able to help you on your DNG issue: I am not a cornerfix user and refuse to introduce another step in my post=processing photographic workflow. Maybe someone reading this thread will help you.
  • Wil C. Fry 3y

    episa episa

    It's definitely interesting that the view count still shows the same number and isn't rising anymore (despite me viewing it several times today).

    I was just fiddling with searches related to this class of cameras and came across your image (and I saw the link in FlickrCentral). The magenta cast is odd, but not completely destructive. :-)
  • glenwells 3y


    Interesting information here regarding the colour shift re CV 15mm.
    I have been using the screw thread version with the screw to bayonet shim and then a mid priced nex adapter. I have been using it for about two months and have not noticed anything regards magenta colour shift. I suppose there are a lot of variables in play.

    hoping its ok on my nex-7 that arrives next week!

  • meizzner 3y

    what about the Voigtlaender 12mm Ultra-Wide Heliar? How would that work on a NEX-7?

    I used once such a lens (the old design) with a NEX-3.
    Here's the link to one photo, if somebody is interested:
    Riemies im Sturm
  • episa 3y

    sorry Meizzner: no personal experience yet to share with 12mm Ultra-Wide Heliar on any NEX camera. It should work on the NEX7 just as well the 15mm Ultra Wide Heliar work on NEX5-N: same sensor size, just more resolution with more internal pixels....
  • LADA2001 3y

    Podívat se na www.kenrockwell.com/voigtlander/15mm-m.htm a použít filtr
    B+W 52mm UV/IR CUT 486
    pozdrav LADA Czech rep
  • cschacal 3y

    Hi, anyone has tested the B+W UV/IR filter? I'd buy one if it corrects the magenta issue. Thanks
  • Steven Norquist 3y

    I just ordered Voigtlander Super Wide Heliar 15mm f/4.5 M for my Olympus OMD, do you think the magenta cast will appear on that smaller sensor?
  • episa 3y

    Steven Norquist Steven:
    so far good news,,, no magenta cast observed on my OM-D when using the voigtlander super Heliar 15mm f/4.5.... I suspect that the smaller sensor reduces the angle of incidence and does not evidence the issue of the NEX5/7 with larger sensors.
  • mnajib29 3y

    I just bought it and used it on my NEX-C3, after a few test i think if you set the saturation high the magenta cast will be more pronounced. So far, the best settings for my camera is set to vivid, increase contrast to +3, saturation to -3 and sharpen to +1/+2. The magenta cast is not too obvious. Good luck..
  • episa 3y

    mnajib29 My experience so far has been that there is little magenta cast on Olympus OM-D camera, only on the NEX at varying degrees. However after several months of use, I notice that the edge of the voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 lens is blurred (seriously) on the OMD, unlike the NEX 5N camera.
  • Rachid Bouarara Photographer 2y

    strange as it may sound, the picture is over 17 million views, I was reading through a post in flickrcentral group here, and someone asked what is the most viewed picture on flickr, yours was amongst.
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Taken on November 5, 2011
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