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Epi's California Temakizushi I

One of my favourite types of shushi is a Temaki roll or Temakizushi (hand roll). The unique taste and contrast of the crisp nori (toasted seaweed) wrapping, the chewy, delicately flavoured su-meshi (seasoned sushi rice), and the remaining filling ingredients & seasonings explode into a wonderful taste sensation in your mouth that just can’t be described! This is my version of the popular California Temakizushi.


The kani kama (imitation crabsticks) I used are made from wild Alakan pollok & wild Pacific whitefish from renewable sources. I replaced the cucumber with enoki mushrooms; added a sprinkling of Japanese Nori Goma Furikake (a tasty, crunchy blend of sesame, seaweed, and green tea) seasoning; and also a little Japanese mayo. A touch of wasabi procures a lovely, mild, tingly hot sensation. Always serve with gari (pickled ginger) and shōyu (Japanese soy sauce; I favour the Kikoman brand).

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Taken on February 11, 2012