Walk Against Warming 2010
We’re doing our bit on climate change. It’s time to make our government do theirs.

There’s a federal election on its way. So we’re holding a Walk Against Warming to demand that our next government faces up to their responsibilities on climate change. We’ll remind them that to secure our votes, they must walk with the people; not the big polluters.

This year we’re taking our message for a safe climate straight to the people that matter most – the voters.

We’ll coordinate hundreds of Victorians in three key areas to come together and letterbox. We want to make sure that voters in those areas know exactly what actions our leaders need to take on climate change.

That means that less than one week before the federal election, up to 300,000 of the most influential voters in Victoria will receive our safe climate message. How good!

When: Sunday, 15 August 2010 @ 12.30pm
Where: In key Victorian areas Melbourne, Latrobe and Deakin
How: With your help!

Get involved here: www.environmentvictoria.org.au/safe-climate/walk-against-...
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