Borrowash Weir fish pass, Derbyshire
Borrowash weir fish pass is the largest the Environment Agency has built in Midlands region and allows fish to freely migrate upstream to their spawning grounds which they have been unable to do for at least the last 100 years.

The fish pass enables fish such as eel, lamprey, salmon and sea trout to pass through the first artificial barrier on the River Derwent on their way upstream. The fish pass will deliver immediate benefits to coarse fish, help to improve the water environment and potentially open the way for the return of salmon into this catchment.

The work links to a programme of fish passage projects at nine weirs throughout the Trent and Derwent catchments being delivered in partnership between the Environment Agency, the Trent Rivers Trust and Derby City Council. The purpose of the work is to restore sustainable fish populations, and create a much healthier and more diverse River Derwent catchment. The ultimate aim is to improve the river’s status under the Water Framework Directive - EU legislation governing the water quality in rivers.
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