Sand Diver on cleaning station [BDR 2005, 105-288]

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Sand Diver having teeth cleaned by a Pederson's Cleaning Shrimp. Taken on the house reef at the Buddy Dive Resort, Bonaire, N.A. with a Nikon D-100, 105 mm f/2.8 micro Nikkor lens in a Light & Motion Titan housing, with twin Sea&Sea YS-90 strobes.

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  1. martytdx ages ago | reply

    great picture - how big is the Sand Diver?

  2. *A_BertolaniPalici ages ago | reply

    I never imagine a sea dentist...
    Great Image!

  3. Reef Reflections ages ago | reply

    Thanks all.
    Sand Diver [Synodus intermedius: 8-14 inches long].
    Pederson's Cleaning Shrimp [Periclimenes pedersoni: 1 inch long].

  4. Brenda Anderson ages ago | reply

    Great! I finished up my NAUI OpenWater dive certification in Bonaire. Such wonderful dive sites and clear water. Love your whole photostream. Cheers.

  5. bocavermelha-l.b. ages ago | reply

    Helloooo Vince, happy to have you back!!!!
    Your photostream is impeccable and I can’t ever compete with you, my friend!
    Those photos you can consider as diving souvenir of my long dead camera.*Lol It was my first and last diving, my doctor has prohibited any diving after that trip. My brain almost exploded in that occasion after 3 days of diving I lost the movement of my legs for 2 days. Ouch… I’m a fan of your photographs always enjoying your masterful shots!!! :D

  6. KmacN ages ago | reply

    Isn't this amazing , talk about a symbiotic relationship. Great picture.

  7. Reef Reflections ages ago | reply

    Aha, Lia was it the old RS o-ring problem and a big flood?

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune on your dive trip, it is unfortunate that the underwater world does presents a multitude of challenges for photographers, the first of which is staying alive!! Thanks for your kind words regarding my photostream. I hope someday that you might venture forth again into the marine environment, the key is to go slow & easy and enjoy what you see.

  8. Erwin Kodiat ages ago | reply

    Wow, fantastic!
    Sharp & nice moment!

  9. The Sprain ages ago | reply

    Great moment captured. The symbiotic relationship of creatures is just amazing, isn't it?

  10. SPereira ages ago | reply

    Very good pic!!

  11. Lucilia ages ago | reply

    I already told , but I will tell again .
    I love your work .

    re : If you really could come to Brazil you would like a lot. There many beautiful places here. The nature was gentile with my country.


  12. butterfinger ages ago | reply

    your photos is extra ordinary reef, great collections, i love sea nature, but dont have the means to explore the underworld..what camera do u use for a shot like this? consider display here

  13. .supernova. ages ago | reply

    I wish that shrimp would clean out my mouth :)

  14. Reeflections ages ago | reply


  15. !ITSONG Admin ages ago | reply

    Your awesome picture has been selected
    at SELECTION. Please add to the
    PORTFOLIO- ITSONG Thanks a lot!!

  16. Reef Reflections ages ago | reply

    Thanks again for the honor!

  17. Mickle Huang 109 months ago | reply

    Very sharp picture. Well done!!

  18. Claudia Rocchini 107 months ago | reply

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