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    writing eases my suffering. it's my soul's medicine. i write what i wanna write about. i write when i hurt. i write what i fear.

    writing is my form of personal freedom. i write to save myself. i write to survive as an individual.

    ## EXPLORED NOVEMBER 2,2008 ##

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    1. docjabagat 66 months ago | reply

      This is Art. Simple yet beautiful!

    2. Kris Kros 64 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Kris Kros Contacts (Plz Comment), and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      i am in love with this composition

      will you share this with my group? please ....

    3. Ashwin KC2 63 months ago | reply

      Nice pic and I have used your photo in my blog post, with credit.


    4. ARJOYCENIZA PHOTOGRAPHY 61 months ago | reply

      Nice one.... really good composition... mas maganda siguro kung nakita yung ball point ng pen.

    5. © dabawenya © (Amor Magno) 61 months ago | reply

      thans for the visit and the feedback po... yun nga po ang mali ko... biglaan lang kasi ang pagkuha ko nyan eh coz I talked about DOF sa friend ko then pag uwi ko sa bahay, dun ko pa nakita na gusto ko ang compo kaso nga lang hindi nakalabas yung ball point ng pen...

      thanks po sa comment....

    6. 3DW4RDK 59 months ago | reply

      Great composition. Both literally and visually. =)

    7. adscorpionico 58 months ago | reply

      It is wery nice picture. I have used your composition in my blog post. Thank you! web-realmoney.blogspot.com/2009/07/blog-post_25.html

    8. © dabawenya © (Amor Magno) 58 months ago | reply

      @adscorpionico: thank you very much for the respect...

    9. humanoidwhisper 42 months ago | reply

      Love the picture!
      I feel just like that, because I write to survive.

    10. LorLeeW 40 months ago | reply

      I am the administrator of a new short story website called Thresholds blogs.chi.ac.uk/shortstoryforum/, and I would love to be able to use your beautiful photograph with one of our featured articles. If you're interested, please email me at thresholds@chi.ac.uk with the subject of MY FLICKR PHOTO.
      The JPG image size we need for the banners is 600 x 240 pixels, which we know is an odd size and means that, usually, photos will need to be resized to fit. If the right size isn't available, our design team requests that larger sized photos are provided by the photographer so that they can then be (sensitively!) cropped. We're an academic site so cannot offer a fee, but our membership spans 5 continents and, in the last 2 weeks, we've had over a 1,000 visitors - so there's the exposure potential. If you supply us with your details, we will be more than happy to provide you with a photo credit and a link to your flickr site.
      Hope to hear from you

    11. zneppi, the photo freak 38 months ago | reply

      This beautiful chapter has been seen in WRITTEN PAGES.


    12. hbwphbwp 38 months ago | reply

      That's a wonderful shot and sentiment.

    13. GPMTZ [deleted] 38 months ago | reply

      This beautiful chapter has been seen in WRITTEN PAGES.


    14. cocoesperanza 38 months ago | reply

      Great idea and work ........ it is definitely supposed to help a lot....
      seen in WRITTEN PAGES.....THANK YOU

    15. © dabawenya © (Amor Magno) 37 months ago | reply

      @cocoesperanza: why supposed? thanks...

    16. onecanvasonesoul 33 months ago | reply

      I can definetly relate! :)

    17. adrians6 31 months ago | reply

      Very nice pic. FYI. I've used it for my blog post www.trafficbeast.com/howto/article-marketing/ Thanks.

    18. anitacypert 4 months ago | reply

      I volunteer with a small organization and am starting a writing group for veterans and would definitely love to be able to use your photo on our website and fb if at all possible. It's exactly the representation that I'm looking for. My email is: AnitaC55.AC@gmail.com please let me know if I can use it and send me a jpg of it if possible. I'll give credit as well.
      Thanking You in advance ~ Anita Cypert

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