Darfur's Gold Rush: State-Sponsored Atrocities 10 Years After the Genocide
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Ten years after reports of janjaweed militias committing atrocities at the behest of the Sudanese government first propelled Darfur into the headlines, state-sponsored abuses continue in Sudan's troubled western region. Although conflict never really stopped in Darfur, since January 2013, escalating waves of violence have plunged the region into the worst humanitarian crisis in years. As U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice has noted, over five times as many people have been displaced in the first few months of 2013 than in the entirety of the previous year. Over 150 villages have been burned and the U.N. estimates that at least 150,000 people have been displaced in the wake of coordinated attacks by armed Abbala militias, elements of which include the historically state-sponsored janjaweed forces. In an eerie echo of the past, the Sudanese government's narrative—which maintains that the conflicts plaguing Darfur are intractable "inter-tribal" battles—has successfully dominated the popular understanding of recent events. This report challenges that descriptive framework by placing the latest round of attacks within the broader historical context and highlighting evidence supporting the Sudanese government's role in spurring the recent clashes.
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