Impact: Indiscriminate Bombardment by a SAF Antonov, South Kordofan, Sudan
Report issued 15 March 2012

The Satellite Sentinel Project has documented an apparent Sudan Armed Forces Antonov in the act of indiscriminately bombing apparent civilian areas in South Kordofan. The attack occurred on the morning of March 8, which is the same day SSP co-founders George Clooney and John Prendergast were visiting villages in the Nuba Mountains.

DigitalGlobe satellite imagery, analyzed by Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, shows plumes of smoke rising from the ground at two locations. An aircraft consistent with an Antonov An-26 Curl can be seen flying 3 km from the apparent bombing site. SAF routinely uses Antonovs bombers to target civilian areas in the Nuba Mountains.

“Indiscriminate attacks, including bombings, of civilians violates international law,” said Harvard Carr Center Executive Director Charlie Clements, MD. “Indiscriminate bombings terrorize vulnerable people, even when the bombings kill or wound no one. The Government of Sudan must stop all indiscriminate attacks against civilians.”

Satellite imagery collected by DigitalGlobe. Images are free and may be used with attribution to DigitalGlobe (capital D, capital G, all one word).
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