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Great Is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) | by Engr. Mazhar-ul-Haq Khan
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Great Is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as)

Text as appears in the article:


Great is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, The Messiah



Twenty-Three were the days of August in 1903 when Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, of Qadian, India foretold the death of Dowie yclept Elijah II, while took place last March, and now cometh the aforesaid Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, India, on June 23, and said: “The turn of this country is drawing near. “Earthquakes... will be unparalleled in the world’s history and will remind men of the destruction of the judgment day.


“In Europe and on the Christian countries a kind of plague will make its appearance which will be very severe.


“With my appearance, the secret designs of the wrath of God have been made manifest.


“The days of Noah will you again witness, and the scene of Lot’s land you will see with your own eyes.”


“He called the turn on Dowie, and why may be not on devastation?” his followers ask.


“He has foretold plague, too, in the Punjab and other places, and great is the name of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, India.”


The Indian Gentleman has been well known in the eastern pasture of the world for many years. His claim is that he is “the true Messiah who was to come in the last ages.” And that God has showered him with grace. He first came to the attention of the United States in 1903, on account of a controversy with Elijah III. Since the death of Dowie the Indian prophet’s reputation has soared, for did he not tell of the death of Dowie, that it should take place within (the Messiah’s) lifetime, should take place “with great sorrow and torment”?


Dowie was aged 59, the seer was 75.


It was in these words that Dowie was requested to strive for the fray:


“I am the true Messiah who was to come in the last ages: thus has Almighty God spoken to me. I do not claim to be the promised Messiah simply by my own assertion, but Almighty God who made the earth and heaven has borne witness to the truth of my claim.


“The evidence of God has been manifested in hundreds of heavenly signs shown in my support. I say it truly that Almighty God has poured his grace upon me in far greater abundance than upon the Messiah who has gone before me. In the looking-glass of my person the face of God is revealed to a far greater extent than in that of Jesus’ person. If these are simply my own assertions, and there is no other authority for them, I am a liar, but if Almighty God bears witness to my truth, no one can give the lie to me. Thousands of time- I should say times without number- has he borne witness to the truth of my claims.


“A sign of the evidence of God in my favor will appear on the death of Mr. Pigott, the arrogant pretender to divinity, who shall be brought to destruction within my lifetime. Another sign will appear for Dr. Dowie’s acceptance of my challenge. If the pretender to Elijahship shows his willingness by any direct or indirect means to enter the lists against me he shall leave the world before my eyes with great sorrow and torment. These two signs are particularly for Europe and America. Ah! that they ponder over them and benefit by them.


It should be borne in mind that Dr. Dowie has not given any reply to my challenge sent him in September last, nor has he even so much as mentioned it in his paper. For an answer to that challenge I will wait for a further period of seven months from this day, the 23rd of August, 1903. If he accept the challenge within this period and fulfils all its conditions as published by me previously, and makes an announcement to that effect in his paper, the world will soon see the end of this contest. I am about 70 years of age, while Dr. Dowie is about 55, and, therefore compared with me, he is young man still. But since the matter is not to be settled by age, I do not care for this great disparity in years. The whole matter rests in the hand of Him who is the Lord of heaven and earth and judge over all judges, and He will decide it in favor of the true claimant.


“But if Dr. Dowie cannot even now gather courage to appear in the contest against me, let both continents bear witness that I shall be entitled to claim the same victory as in the case of his death in my lifetime if he accepts the challenge. The pretensions of Dr. Dowie will thus be falsified and proved to be an imposture. Though he may try as hard as he can to fly from the death which awaits him, yet his flight from such a contest will be nothing less than death to him, and clamity will certainly overtake his Zion: for he must take the consequences of either the acceptance of the challenge of its refusal.


I close these brief remarks with the following prayer: O powerful and perfect God, who hast ever been revealing and will ever continue to reveal Thyself to Thy prophets, do Thou give Thy judgment and show to Thy prophets, do Thou give Thy judgment and show to Thy people the imposture and falsehood of Dowie and Pigott, for Thy weak creatures, having taken to human-worship and trusted in weak mortals like themselves, have fallen away from Thy path and are wandering in errors far from Thee.”


Dowie at first paid no public attention directly to the challenge from the Far East. But on the 26th of September, 1903, he said, in his Zion City publication:


“People sometimes say to me. ‘Why do you not reply to this, that and the other ting?” Reply! Do you think that I shall reply to the gnats and flies? If I put my foot on them I would crush out their lives. I give them a chance to fly away and live.”


Only once did he show in any way that he knew of the existence of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. He referred to him as the “foolish Mahometan Messiah.” And on Dec. 12, 1903, he wrote:


“If I am not God’s prophet, there is none on God’s earth that is/” In the following January he wrote:


“My part is to bring out the people from the east and from the west, from the north and from the south, and settle them in this and other Zion cities until the time shall come when the Mahometans are swept away. ... May God grant us that time.”


Whereupon Mirza tersely challenged him to “pray to God that of us two whoever is the liar may perish first.”


Dowie died with his friends fallen away from him and his fortune dwindled. He suffered from paralysis and insanity. He died a miserable death, with Zion City torn and frayed by internal dissensions.


Mirza comes forward frankly and states that he has won his challenge, or “prediction.” And he asks every seeker after truth to accept the truth as he announced it. He regards the misfortunes which befell his transducer in America as evidence of divine vengeance commingled with divine judgment. As a follower says, however:


“It is not to exult over fallen enemy that we refer to certain circumstances in Dowie’s life.

Such a thing is furthest from our ideas. It is only in the cause and for the furtherance of truth that we publish these facts. The holy religion of Islam, no doubt, teaches us not to mention the faults of the dead, but this does not mean that facts should be concealed when their disclosure is in the interests of society and a service to humanity, truth and God.”


All these conclusions the follower arrives at with a certainty which rings with self-conviction, or at least with pride in the accuracy of his prediction. He goes on to say:


“In bringing disaster upon Dowie’s head and ultimately in his untimely, brought about with sorrow and torment, Almighty God has given his judgment exactly as he had informed his messenger three or four years previous to these occurrences.”


J.H. Smyth Pigott, to whom the Messiah refers, heads a peculiar sect in Clopton, London, known as the Agapemonities, or “Dwellers in the Abode of Love.” About seven years ago he proclaimed himself the “New ‘Messiah’” and drew around him 3000 fanatics, including many women.


Pigott promised to take his followers to heaven on Aug. 24, 1901. At the appointed time they gathered in a field and waited vainly for the event to take place. Pigott promptly explained that they had been sinning, and thereby had so sorely grieved the Lord that he refused to accept them. The Agapemonities believed this explanation and promptly did penance by subscribing a large sum of money for the erection of a beautiful Church. In this Clopton region which is called the “Abode of Love” there is neither marriage nor giving in marriage, and the inmates are supposed to dwell together in an atmosphere of spiritual comradeship and platonic affection. Grave scandals resulted in popular hostility against the doctrines of Pigott.


Pigott’s annual receipts are $30000. At one time this Messiah, whom Mirza disapproves of so strongly, was a sailor on the Pacific coast. In 1890 he returned to England, his native country, took holy orders and became a curate of the Church of England in a London parish. Subsequently he joined the Salvation Army, rose to the position of major and then acquired divinity.


As to disasters dire, the Indian divinity says:


“Bear in mind that Almighty God has informed me of earthquakes in general. Know it for certain, then that as earthquakes have come in America, Europe and Asia in accordance with my former prophecies, more will yet occur in diverse places, some of which would be so severe that the destruction wrought by them will be unparalleled in the world’s history and will remind men of the destruction of the judgment day.


“Death will make such havoc that streams of blood will flow. Calamities of a terrible nature from earth as well as heaven will come upon men.


“Many shall be saved and many shall be destroyed. The days are near, nay, they are at the door, when the world shall see an unparalleled scene of devastation. Not only will great earthquakes come, but other calamities from heaven and earth will also visit the earth. As this will be brought about because men have forsaken God, and with all their heart and all their soul they are bent low upon the world.


“Had I not come, these calamities would also have been put off for a while, but with my appearance the secret designs of the wrath of God have been made manifest, for he says that ‘punishment is not sent upon a people until a messenger is raised.’ Those who repent shall be saved, and those who show fear before the calamity shall be shown mercy.


“Do you think that you can be saved by your own plans? That cannot be. Do not think that sever earthquakes have come in distant places in America and your country will be safe for I see that greater distress is in store for you/ thou, O Europe! Art not safe, nor thou, O Asia! And ye that dwell in islands! No self-made deity will assist you on that day. I see cities falling down and I find inhabited places in ruin.


“I say to you truly that the turn of this country is drawing near. The days of Noah will you again witness and the scene of Lot’s land will see with your own eyes. But God is slow in sending his wrath. Repent, that mercy may be shown to you. He who forsakes God is a worm, not a man and he who does not fear him is dead, not living.”


The words of a plague prophecy, literally translated, run as follows:

“In Europe and other Christian countries a kind of plague will make its appearance which will be very severe.” The appearance of plague in India was foretold by promised Messiah by more than 10 years, assert his followers.




This is a Photostat print copy of an article which appeared in the magazine section of the newspaper “The Sunday Herald”, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. The original can be seen in the Archives Section of the State-House library of Massachusetts in Boston, U.S.A.



Ghulam Yasin

Former Ahmadiyya Muslim Missionary

in U.S.A.


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