My Point and Shoot

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    1. ms thang ages ago | reply

      it's so purtee and it matches your lappy perfectly :D

    2. ★WaiWai★ ages ago | reply

      nice :D i wanna get that for my next p&s :) i think my dad needs one, maybe get it sooner hehehe.

    3. PiscesTiff ages ago | reply

      new? nice! =)

    4. [deleted] ages ago | reply

      oooooo, it's so sleek and purdy!

      i bought martin a casio exilim for his birthday (which is also sleek and shiny) so he lets me borrow it from time to time :)

    5. en.elle ages ago | reply

      ms thang, it is a purtee camera haha Thats actually Wendy's laptop, I'm just borrowing it :D

      Eric, Its a pretty good camera. Fast menus, big LCD. Only complaints are it uses sony's memory stick so you have to fork out more $ just for a memory card. Also found that it sometimes has trouble focussing. Other than that it looks cool hahahaa Shop around and do your research!

      Tiff, yea its quite new, got it as a gift when I was in Singapore :)

      Nick, The T series is great cause they are so compact, yet they have big screens.

      Serena, Exilim? niicee I've heard good things about them.

    6. [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Yeah :D It's a snazzy little thing. The clarity and photo reproduction is amazing. I dislike Sony because you have to buy Sony gear. It's so expensive when there are equivalent, cheaper brands out there that do just as well, if not better!

    7. en.elle ages ago | reply

      Serena, I totally agree with you about Sony getting their uses to buy Sony gear. As it was a gift then its all good :D Canon is probably my favourite point and shoot. They don't make the prettiest camera but they take great pics! My old canon ixus400 was awesome!

    8. fuyanyu ages ago | reply

      wow! so compact!

    9. en.elle ages ago | reply

      fuyanyu, yup, fits in my pocket!

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