• Éste está enfermo de otra cosa, no precisamente de influenza!!! - mar_brand
  • I have headphones just like those. - tr00st
  • I have the exact same pair! They must be pretty popular :P - Commonly Used
  • With face mask on, suddenly there're ladies with beautiful eyes everywhere - :::HoJinChang:::
  • Omg i listen to music too!
    We have so much in common :] - Thought Conductor
  • I have the same phone. - Sherlon
  • Beautiful eyes! - terryleestoudt
  • I have the exact same train! Must be popular.. - joeallam.co.uk
  • I have the same pants - nicolasv
  • Nice lamps. - LISSEUT_-
  • i've seen this ad before - //Sewk
  • OMG I carry the same kind of trash bags on the subway also!!! How weird that we think alike. - HFDGuero
  • Nice mask! - Casey Myers Photography
  • swine flu ahh! - ThinkingOfaNewTag
  • i used to ride this subyway everyday :) - elcarlitoxloco
  • we have the same hair! thats soo effing awesome! - Herbsee
  • Dante de la Vega: Flickr
  • Holy Cow!! I think I have the exact same backpack! Looks just like it! What a small world we live in eh? - David Sherret
  • Bunch of idiots you have no idea what this city is going through, trying to protect its citizens and the rest of the world. The economy will be in shambles soon if the virus is not stopped...
    Partido Verde... guacala!!! - .JV
  • you're the idiot. Regular influenza flu kills anywhere from 250 000 to 500 000 people every year. there hasnt even been 200 deaths of swine flu and youre flipping out. you should be more worried of catching a cold then this. in the mean time let us have our fun you moron. - //Sewk
  • OMG this isn't as bad as everyone thinks. - jamessowerby84
  • I have the exact same ass - Internet Ruined Graffiti...
  • If this is your idea of "fun"... omg... you are so fucking stupid!!!
    When the epidemic started, and all corresponding actions were implemented, nobody really knew how virulent this new strain was. Still a lot of unknowns. The fact is... people are dying in hospitals, show some respect moron - .JV
  • oh shut the fuck up, its a damn fuckin picture, get over it you twit. - //Sewk
  • I've seen a pole like this before..
    although there were a pair of tits around it
    lol - kross_edd
  • My guess is, he's got pork chops in this bag and they got this evil plan to infect the girl but she's like "ha suckers, i be havin' a mask, ya'll aint got shit on me!" - //Sewk
  • Don`t they overreact??? - tulbi
  • Of course they are. Plus i just read on the BBC website that of the 100-something deaths in mexico, only 25 have been confimred to be from swine flu. So yah...people are suckers for these things and are extremely good at mass panic after hearing the latest scare tactic from the media. - //Sewk
  • Best exemple of panic for nothing is the War of the Worlds Radio Prank by Orson Wells, which was repeated twice since...i mean people swallowed that shit...even the army got involved and litterally went out to "fight the martians" they thought had landed on earth - //Sewk
  • :O muy linda la niña - Rafael Bucio
  • It is very easy to judge if you do not know the whole situation. At the time the alert was implemented all that was known was that a new virus, contagious, was circulating and people were dying from it. Now that we know that the actual virus is less pathogenic than the seasonal virus, yes, it may - .JV
  • ...seem as an overreaction. - .JV
  • thats a lie, it is NOT a new virus, and health officials have known what it is since day one. Scare tactics, thats what its called. - //Sewk
  • aaaatchinnnnnn!!! - -lygia
  • Ok, correction: it is a new strain of the influenza A virus with identified components of human, aviary and swine origin.

    Still... it was impossible to know how contagious and pathogenic it was... anyhow, this is just to put things in perspective

    "exemple" he he he!!! - .JV
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  • I just wanted to add a note like everyone else. :) - Eddie Mars ©
  • Tren C,N,C,F Alsthom/CIMT NM-73 Serie B - infecktedmetromx

Epidemia de Pánico / Panic Epidemy

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Salí a buscar imágenes de la epidemia de influenza que, dice el gobierno, está afectando al Distrito Federal.
Sólo pude encontrar la Epidemia de Pánico.
No sería la primera vez que se inventan algo para ocultar un problema real. Lo estoy comenzando a sospechar. A ver qué dicen los hechos.

Otras noticias:
El Congreso aprueba 12 leyes al vapor

Intentos calderonistas de crear un estado policiaco

Investigan a militares por desaparición de civiles

Desplome de ventas

¿Usted qué cree, apreciable visitante?
Otras - More picures of people appropiating and coping with the flu:
Information pour les francophones
Imagen totalmente de libre reproducción, modificación y lo que sea. Si das crédito, chido, muchas gracias :-D si no... da crédito, es lo justo ;-)
Ve más imágenes de libre distribución en: www.flickr.com/groups/fotosinfluenza/
Image free for reproduction
Watch more Creative Commons pictures in: www.flickr.com/groups/fotosinfluenza/

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    Congratulations for this photo anyway.

  3. Yessica Moreno 61 months ago | reply

    aca en la paz no afecto tanto eso sin ebargo como dices el panico se reflejo en todos es natural... aunqe miedo le deberian de tener al gobierno.

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    Como olvidar esos días. Si no llevabas tapabocas te veían feo o se alejaban de ti.
    Buena imagen ;D

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  9. Charly Danone 54 months ago | reply

    Que dias tan grises

  10. damPHD 54 months ago | reply

    Uy, esta foto es La Foto de aquel momento.

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    Lovely picture! Brilliant :)

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    very nice photo have a great day

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