Turkey 2005
These photos are all from a 3 week trip I took to Turkey in AUGUST 2005, just before spending the fall in Prague.

The trip started with a week in Istanbul. Highlights in Istanbul were the underground cisterns, Aya Sofya cathedral, Blue Mosque, Topkapi palace and its riches, and views across the Bosphorus.

After 5 or so days in Istanbul I was ready to move on, so I caught a bus South to Selcuk. I found a super chill backpacker's resort, Atilla's, where I lounged for a few days. Selcuk has some amazing ruins including Ephesus (one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, baby!) so I was sure to check those out.

From Selcuk I traveled East along the Mediterranean to Marmaris, a crazy Euro resort town. Did a day trip from there to the Isle of Rhodes in Greece. Cool to see Greece but suddenly everything was expensive (the Euro) and not that different from Turkey.

Next stop was the very cool little town of Fethiye where I boarded a "Blue Cruise" aboard a big sailboat with some friends I had met at Atilla's. The cruise was PARADISE - 4 days and 3 nights -motoring around from beach cove to beach cove - swimming, eating, swimming, drinking, swimming, and sleeping under the stars (and then more swimming). Too much fun and way too short.

The cruise ended in Olympos, a village famous amongst backpackers for the treehouse accommodations. Olympos also has great beaches and the very cool fires of Chimera. A 30 minute flashlight hike brought us to a barren hillside where fire naturally puffs out of the rocks. If it tripped me out, I can't imagine what ancient people thought.

From Olympos it was a long overnight bus back to Istanbul for a couple more days before flying out to Prague.

Check out the photos and let me know what you think.
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