Minecraft 1.8 - Too Dark At Bedrock

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    Just a quick snapshot to show just how impossibly dark it is at bedrock in the current patch, 1.8. I purposely placed torches on the walls to the right and left to prove it is not a brightness issue, this is hard-coded into the game. Also to show just how limited the range is down here post patch.

    Here is a shot of how it used to look before patch 1.8.

    Kinda lame to say the least, as I liked building down here, and my very first world from about this time *last year* which is shown, is now pretty much gutted. Was experimenting with redstone and pistons but I can't even see from the switch to the wall with this added-in darkness. There goes my first base >.< Hope they fix this eventually.

    Screenshots captured by Encrazed Crafts.

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