For Adoption
I have too many dolls. There is no way I can play with all of them in one lifetime. I feel it is wrong to keep them stored in a temperature controlled dark closet. Dolls should be played with, displayed, admired or remade. Everything in life has a purpose and that purpose should be fulfilled.

All my dolls are MINT, Never Removed from Box, Mint in Box, and Never Touched.

Some will be sold nude with nothing; others will be sold as you see them in the photo. I will not undress any doll until a sale is finalized.

If you are interested in a particular doll, please send me a Flickr message. We can exchange emails and do business off Flickr. All sales are in US$; not related in any way to Flickr or Etsy; and payment is via PayPal (You must be verified.)

These dolls deserve a new home. They are too beautiful to be hidden away.

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