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Metallic Purple Fairy’s Outdoors Snack Tray -1:12th Scale

“A Little Tale”…


Humans, for the most part, have heard of fairies. Some believe they exist, some don't and think they are myths or fairytale beings for children, and others have actually seen them. In reality, what humans believe or don’t believe doesn’t change reality.


There are many types of fairies. The list goes on and on and I have no desire to list them all…nor do you, I am sure, wish to read such a list. But, there is one type of fairy that only exists in the Enchanted Woods in Enchanticals and no one outside of the Enchanted Woods knows of them. Not one human…


They are a very secluded and insulated fairy clan, which has existed since the beginning of the earth. The most striking thing about them is that they are purple metallic in color. How they came to be this color is known only by them and secret information is passed down through their oral history. They want nothing in writing for others to discover and reveal.


They possess great powers and abilities. Their home, in the northern part of the Enchanted Woods, is surrounded by and among all the things that grow in the color purple. This helps them blend into their surrounds and allows no one to see them. They use their powers and abilities to color everything they use, wear, eat, and own the same color as their skin. It creates the perfect disguise-invisibility.


They want no attention from anyone and want no one to find them. The other inhabitants of the Enchanted Woods are very aware of them, but they respect their wishes and do not intrude on their lives. They let them be.


Now, that is a lesson humans should learn…let others live their lives as they see fit and let them be. But, so much for humans…


The Wizard, who is the Keeper of the Enchanted Woods, is the only one allowed to visit them on rare occasions and, if they need his help, they seek him out. Other than him, they have no other contact with any other living beings except animals.


Other inhabitants who live nearby have said one of the most beautiful sights to see is when the moon is in her dark phase and the stars are out. If you stand on a high hill you can see their area of the Enchanted Woods glittering in a beautiful purple color.

~Marsha J. West, Author*


* This “A Little Tale” (story) and creation may not be copied, reproduced, republished, edited, downloaded, displayed, modified, transmitted, licensed, transferred, sold, stolen, distributed or uploaded in any way without my written permission. My work does not belong to the public domain. Marsha J. West ©all rights reserved.


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Taken on September 1, 2012