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Miniature Glass Bottle With Woman Trapped Inside~1:12th Scale | by Enchanticals ~I'm Coming Back
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Miniature Glass Bottle With Woman Trapped Inside~1:12th Scale

"A Little Tale"...


Sue was a very pretty, somewhat shy, and very resourceful gal. She always used her common sense and was able to think clearly in any situation. This is a wonderful attribute to possess.


It certainly came in handy on the day Sue was taking a walk along the coast on a beautiful summer day when without warning, she was grabbed from behind, knocked unconscious with chloroform, and woke up in a glass jar in the back of some moving vehicle. It was dark inside, so she was unable to tell if she was in a van or something else. Whatever it was, it was moving very fast.


Knowing she was trapped inside a glass jar caused panic to set in. Her throat closed. She thought she was going to suffocate. She started to scream, but that only fogged up her glass tomb so she stopped. Once quiet, she thought she heard other sounds and, when her eyes became adjusted to the darkness, she could just make out other glass jars with other people in them. She was not alone. There were other victims….prisoners like her.


Thoughts of all kinds raced through her mind... and none of them were good. Sue imagined all sorts of horrors that were going to happen to her and again panic and terror took over her mind and body. So, she began to shake violently.


Her shaking had one positive aspect to it. The glass was not that thick and so her shaking made it wobble. Wobble…The glass jar wobbled!


If it could wobble, maybe she could push it over and break it or roll it into some corner so she would not be seen. Of course, she had no idea whether the vehicle she was in had corners, but, it was worth a shot. So she began to push against the glass to get it rocking.


At first it was very difficult, especially since the amount of air she was getting into the jar was just enough to keep her alive, but, nonetheless, she persevered. Sweat broke out on her forehead and dripped into her eyes, stinging them, but she continued until she was successful it getting it to rock back and forth, back and forth.


Once this happened, the bottle fell over and she was inside the unbroken bottle on her face. Now, her plan was to get it to roll.


Again, she was successful and it rolled… and kept rolling until she rolled to an edge of some sort and dropped down into what seemed to be a crack. And, there she stayed… stuck…to await her fate. There was nothing she could do to move the bottle. She managed to get her own body on her back inside the glass and then, just waited and prayed. She prayed like she never prayed before.


After what seemed to be an eternity, the vehicle stopped and shortly the doors opened, letting in such bright eye burning sunlight. With squinting eyes, she looked up at her kidnapper from her place in the crack. He was terrifying. She realized she had rolled into one of the ridges in a ramp that was connected to the back of the vehicle.


The monster of a man jerked the ramp upwards to free it so he could lower it. He did not notice Sue, but looked into his van at his other victims instead. When he gave the ramp that initial jerk to pull it up to release it, Sue’s little bottle was thrown up out of the ridge and flew out of the truck and into the dirt.


She was, apparently, still not seen by her monster kidnapper. So, using all the strength she had left and fueling her body with the adrenaline of fear that engulfed her, she got her little bottle to roll again. And once it started to roll, it rolled away from the van and her kidnapper. Finally, it stopped rolling when it came in contact with a large fallen branch and became covered with a rather sizeable pile of dead leaves surrounding it.


Sue could not see anything due to the leaf blanket over her bottle. But, she assumed this was a good thing. If her kidnapper did not keep a tally of his victims in bottles and did not search for her, she would be okay. She had no idea how far she was from the van or him. She just had to wait and see what her fate would be. Breathing was hard due to the small amount of oxygen she was getting from the holes in the top of the bottle. So, she tried to calm herself to conserve air.


She turned her body again inside the little bottle, with great difficulty, so she was on her back and then… just waited. She could hear or see nothing. Time moved slowly. She had no idea if it was day or night.


She just waited and prayed.

~Marsha J. West, Author*


* This “A Little Tale” (story) and creation may not be copied, reproduced, republished, edited, downloaded, displayed, modified, transmitted, licensed, transferred, sold, stolen, distributed or uploaded in any way without my written permission. My work does not belong to the public domain. Marsha J. West ©all rights reserved.


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Taken on September 1, 2012