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The Curious Man and the Seemingly Falling Doorway | by Enchanticals ~I'm Coming Back
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The Curious Man and the Seemingly Falling Doorway

Once again, we find The Curious Man lost, having wandered while lost deep in his thoughts of nothingness.


This time, when he pulled himself back to reality and out of his mindless thoughts, he finds himself in an unfamiliar heavily wooded area facing a door… just a door, which seems to be about to topple on him.


He puts his hand, as he always does, to his chin, and briefly and superficially wonders how a door, just a door, could be standing in the middle of the woods. And he finds it sort of curious that this door seems to be falling toward him, but yet, does not fall.


So, like always, he just stands there and looks at it for hours…observing the situation and wondering, “Hmmmm.”


He comes up with no ideas, probabilities or answers. And, he lacks the desire, motivation or curiosity, the real curiosity, to investigate the door itself to try to find an answer to this wonderful mysterious gift placed before him.


For, you see, The Curious Man does not appreciate this situation nor does he regard it as a gift, a mystery to be solved or a chance for discover or self discovery.


If he was a man of great thought or any real thought at all, he might perhaps surmise that this door before him represents the door we all face daily…the door of choices…the door of opportunities…the door of our destiny…


If he had the motivation to think, he might theorize that the door appears to be falling in his direction perhaps because of the weight it holds for him or for all of mankind.


Every choice we make has a consequence; every opportunity we have comes with a price; and our destiny brings us both joy and sorrow.


Any decision we make is like opening a door and stepping into a new place or situation, thus, giving new and different direction, opportunity, and experience to our lives. And that action of moving forward and going through that “door” brings with it other choices and other consequences. So, naturally, it feels as if it is falling on us.


But, no, The Curious Man, complacent and dull by nature, after hours of simply observing the door, just a door standing in a heavily wooded area alone, with no desire to investigate or examine or even try to open it, just says, “Hmmm”, and wanders away lost again in his mindless thoughts of nothingness.


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Taken on February 12, 2012