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Miniature Enchanted Red Orb Wand~1:12 Scale | by Enchanticals ~I'm Coming Back
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Miniature Enchanted Red Orb Wand~1:12 Scale

“A Little Tale”…


Highly sought after, rare, coveted, and protected, this enchanted orb wand has magical abilities beyond your wildest dreams.


Its magical power is housed/locked in the red orb, which is set, for protection, in an ancient filigree hand forged metal cone, to prevent it from being dropped and shattered to pieces, thus, rendering it completely useless. If shattered, its magic would ascend to the Universal Consciousness to await another vessel.


The cone shape was chosen to function as a wand to help direct the orb’s magic to its destined purpose.


To access the orb’s magical power, its key so to speak, and unlock/release the great power within, the possessor must know the three secret magical names, as well as the highly guarded secret rhyme, all coded in an ancient dead language which mixes symbols and letters.


… It was initially believed there were only seven of these orb wands in existence. They were in the protection of the Knights Templar…


… However, recently…orb wands are surfacing and being sold much to the concern of the Wizard’s High Council, the Witches and Warlocks’ Covens, as well as the elementals, fairies, and other inhabitants of the Enchanted Woods…


Recently, a pearl orb wand was discovered. This was the first pearl orb ever to be seen, let alone heard of.


To date, all the orbs, including this red one, have originated from the element of earth. But, the pearl is from the element of water and it grows inside the body of an oyster. Since the pearl is created when a grain of sand grows inside another creature, it cannot replicate itself. It is made by nature and is a singular occurrence in one oyster. To obtain the pearl, one must open the oyster.


A theory had surfaced prior to the discovery of the pearl wand that the orbs can somehow replicate themselves. But, that has proven false.


So, that would mean… none of the others, including this red one, can self replicate. Then how are they multiplying?


Does this mean that the one who stole the seven orbs from Knights Templar’s’ secret hiding place knows the extent of their power and, further, knows how to create more? Or was/is there an ancient race still in existence which created these orbs and is once again creating new ones? And, if so… why and for what gain?

~Marsha J. West, Author of this original “A Little Tale”* Edited for Flickr


This tale and the orb wand are my personal creative property and cannot be copied, duplicated, used, reprinted or printed in any medium without prior approval from me.


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Taken on July 18, 2010