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Top Hat Earth Elemental Bottle | by Enchanticals ~I'm Coming Back
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Top Hat Earth Elemental Bottle

“A Little Knowledge… goes a long way”…


An elemental is a creature, usually a spirit that is attuned with or composed of one of the four classical elements: air, water, earth, and fire. The elements balance each other out through opposites: water quenches fire, fire boils water, earth contains air, and air erodes earth. Elementals care for, guard, and protect the environment.

Initially, fairies (fairies, fey) were not considered elementals, but are now grouped with and considered elementals because they guard and protect the environment.


“A Little Tale”…


Fairies, like crows, cats, squirrels, and I, love to collect brightly colored and shiny things; things of nature; nature’s castoffs; found objects; and little treasures of all kinds such as glass, buttons, twigs, etc. There is nothing that compares to spending an afternoon searching, hunting, and looking for found objects.


Wondrous, enchanted, and magical places to find these treasures exist everywhere. Once found, finding a secret place to squirrel them away is very very important. It can be a bottle, an old tin, the hollow of a tree, a bird’s nest or a hole in the ground.


My elemental bottles, filled with found objects, are made to encourage you to “gently” shake them. Gentle shaking will, obviously, reposition the inside found objects and give you a new perspective on them. Much like life… sometimes it is a good idea to shake things up, do something new or take a different path in order to gain new insights, ideas, spark your imagination, stimulate creativity, and see things differently.


This is my creation and cannot be copied in any way or in any medium.


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Taken on June 20, 2008