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Corporate Collapse | by Empty Sandbox
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Corporate Collapse

Tokyo, Japan

Section 6 (Industrial)


Operation Shadowknight II has escalated. Marine deployments have breached the technologically innovate establishments in order to eliminate the substance recipes. Darkwater teams are currently in the process of hacking Pan-Asian terminals.


Sgt. Forrest: "Honey Badger, this is Deployment 12. My team hasn't encountered any form of hostility to this point. We are currently ready to breach into the targeted facility. Over."


Honey Badger: "Copy, Deployment 12. Multiple heat signatures have been affirmed within the interior. Expect some resistance, Over."


Sgt. Forrest: "Affirmative, breaching now."




Sgt Forrest: "Honey Badger, hostiles have been eliminated. Permission to proceed into phase 2, over?"


Honey Badger: "Permission granted, deployment 12. Take scans of every document possible, which includes computer files. Place explosive charges inside the facility immediately after the scans and detonate them at my command. Copy?"


Sgt. Forrest: "Copied, Honey Badger"


So, I guess I satisfied with the outcome of this scene. I didn't have any time to pour my soul into this, so it is a little simple. Whatever.


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Taken on September 6, 2012