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Semper Fi... Or Die | by Empty Sandbox
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Semper Fi... Or Die

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Tokyo, Japan

Section 7 (Lowlands)


A small band of Marines make their way to the target buildings during a beautiful sunset...


USS Honey Badger: "Deployment 12, this is Honey Badger. Do you read me?"


Sgt. Forrest: "Loud and clear, Honey Badger."


USS Honey Badger: "Acknowledged, Deployment 12. I will be your tactical adviser for the durancy of the operation. Copy?"


Sgt. Forrest: "Copied, Honey Badger."


USS Honey Badger: "The callsign for Phase 2 of the mission has been altered in order to prevent Pan-Asia from discovering any US intel. The callsign is now 'Jack Stone' and the valid response is 'Greeble'. Copy, over?"


Sgt. Forrest: "Acknowledged, Honey Badger."


(So yeah, major Crysis 2 influence. Don't hate.)

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Taken on August 26, 2012