Sensory Hallway E&H School of Health Sciences Chilhowie Elementary School
The School of Health Sciences’ physical therapy and occupational therapy students are helping with a project to create four separate sensory hallways for the children at Chilhowie Elementary School. The SHS’s Teri Gilley and Ashlee Medley helped coordinate the event, in conjunction with administrative and rehab teams at the school. Decals were placed on the floors and walls of some hallways in a specified pattern. The main purpose of a sensory hallway is to give proprioceptive sensory input to help kids stay calm and regulate their bodies which help with focus and attention in the classroom setting, according to Medley. Jason Kilbourne, principal of Chilhowie Elementary, is spearheading this project, along with retired special education teacher Susan Kilby. (Jason’s wife, Brianne Kilbourne, is an E&H faculty member in the Athletic Training Program.)
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