My New Drivers License

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You would be stoked to if you were driving illegally for 4 years. This is a great feeling not to be looking in my rear view mirror every 10 seconds for the fuzz.

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  1. emeraldcitycreative 79 months ago | reply

    LOL. Camera and all. I should have done that, I had my camera with me when I went to get my new one.

  2. C.J. Herrick 79 months ago | reply

    hahaha! That's great stuff, I'll have to share this with my wife...she shoots with a D700.

  3. AndYaDontStop 79 months ago | reply

    awwwww, the alamo heights're such an 09'er dood...hahaha


  4. Schlüsselbein2007 79 months ago | reply

    you really do take your camera everywhere. well played. next time take in some strobes and see if they let you give yourself some dynamic lighting.

  5. wh_photogirl_files 79 months ago | reply

    That's awesome... :)

  6. adelapace 79 months ago | reply

    love it.
    Cheezy smile.
    Nikon strap yes!
    What the hell happened to you, and your shirt?

  7. MonicaYB 79 months ago | reply

    Love the smile, but especially love the camera strap!!!

  8. Erik J. Gustafson 79 months ago | reply

    It's a shirt with Muhammad's Body with my head coming out of it! It didn't show up the way I wanted to. At least that part! lol

  9. chickrocks 71 months ago | reply

    Gosh....I can't stop laughing. I have to renew mine...I'll try a smile like yours.

  10. Jessica Pruett 61 months ago | reply

    that's great. [=

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