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i was tagged for a self-portrait and ten facts by Asian Snow,, so here it goes...


1) My wife is in training to be a Montessori Guide, which is basically a Masters degree in nine months, so i have lost a wife and Maggie has lost a mother until June.


2) i started my Flickr account because of #1. we needed to rent our house in Texas for the nine months we are here in Minnesota. i had heard of Flickr and thought it would be a good way to show pictures of our home and land to potential renters. i didn't realize it would turn into this addiction!!


3) Before i settled down with my wife, i was homeless and jobless for nearly five most of that time out of a van and driving around the country.


4) When i settled down with my wife i came off the road, got engaged, bought a house without a job, got a job, got pregnant, quit my job, got married, had a daughter, got another job...all in under a year and a half.


5) i rotate between visual art, singing & playing guitar, and writing...but these days it's full time papa with little time that's mine.


6) neither my wife and i are working right now, and neither have any idea how we are making it, but we eat every day and have a place to live and we are surrounded by Love and Community.


7) my upper lip has never seen a razor, from the first peach fuzz of adolescence to today.


8) i drink too much coffee and smoke too much


9) our dog's full name is" Dale Ana Evans Half-Tail Scarface Screen-Killer Humper"


10) i usually have no idea what the hell i'm doing.


11) (bonus round)...i told myself i'd never do this if i was ever tagged...go figure...


for tonight i Tag Randall Joel Der,

more tomorrow

also, now, tagging Willem GT

and now Meneer De Braker, Akbar's "nephew"!!!

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Taken on February 11, 2010