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ps: lol i realise this picture is so dark and the mood is so light but HAY HO ;D


time for a little recap.

hello flickr. gosh, it's been a little while since we spent some time together. last time i was confused and empty and tired. using my creativity day in day out for so long exhausted me, and my 365 was a total chore. so you know what?

i am starting again.

this is a new beginning for me.

i will be changing my user name to emma hope soon. because these are my actual first and middle names. emma kavan is more of an alias. and this new stuff is going to be

i am going to try.

to be the best that i can.

:) i would appreciate it if you would not take a lot of my old stuff too seriously. i'm going to keep it up, so you can see the changes i have undergone, and how i hope to evolve. i think it is important to see the progression, but i am determined to do better and show myself what i can be if i try.


i have just today purchased a 50mm. this was one of the reasons my flickr break was extended. it took me a while to save up, but oh my gosh i love this little lens so much right now. :D! seriously. wow. i hope it is going to help me grow and learn and develop. i am going to be taking A LOT less self portraits. posting will be occasional, and i am setting up shoots with my friends which i am excited for!


life is changing for me. my parents are living seperately soon, and my brother has left to live in london, and attend university. so i shall be spending some time in two houses. and it pains me to let go of my childhood home, but it also marks a new era in my life. i am glad i took so many pictures in the garden in the summer, i feel like i can remember my house through my photos. this eases the move a lot. something exciting i am looking forward to is that there is an abandoned railway right nextdoor to my dad's new house. shooting there will be so much fun. i am really looking forward to exploring! i have started the first of my final 2 years at school. i am now studying art, english literature, philosophy and history, and it's so much more fun. :D i am definitely growing up.

and life is definitely evolving.

and i am evolving with it.


i want to thank you, all of you. that take the time to look at my photos. your continous support is amazing. i have befriended some amazing people on here, and i hope to make many more.


love always from a very rejuvinated, very happy emma. XXX






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Taken on October 1, 2009