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051/365....darn it, the idea bulbs broken. ): | by emma hope
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051/365....darn it, the idea bulbs broken. ):

hahah, i made a picture from having no ideas of having no ideas.


um, poorly constructed sentence ftw.


nah but there will be a big explosion

i mean, nah, but my idea didnt work out and nor did any other due to a bad hair/general appearance day so i was like uh well ima use this here lightbulb. and that is what i did.

yeahh this picture is not a very nice one of my face, BLERUGH hahahhaha


omg lol. these people from prison came to school today to like, put us of going to prison [yeah, cause thats our life plan ¬¬] and were like, 'yeah, in prison you get bummed/stabbed with sharpened plastic knives through the heart/cavity searched with a sharp tool/a cell mate who may kill you'


me and john were just lolling the entire way through

and when he asked what 'bad girls' the tv programme was like john said 'bitchez gettin br00t4l' hahhahaha, the guy was like, uh..sure!

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Taken on March 10, 2009