Kingston University Foundation Application
Throughout my education I have strived to consistently develop my artistic identity and the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at Kingston is where I would like to take the next step towards channelling my creativity into a successful, fulfilling career in Art and/or Fashion. I believe myself to be a very hardworking, conscientious student with a great enthusiasm, and this course would enable me to achieve my goals and deliver to a high standard.
I have chosen this course because I am deeply passionate about Art and conveying individualistic forms of expression that will allow me to gain and develop skills, using them in a creative and resourceful manner. Studying A-Levels in both Art and Photography has allowed me to explore various artists’ work and experiment with a wide range of materials and mediums, whilst also employing useful technical knowledge of photography and editing software, which will be beneficial in my progression through the course. One of these artists being Jenny Saville, whose work I particularly enjoy as it evokes a raw power over the viewer, perhaps due to the expansive size in which she works that makes every unrefined, detail stand out. Her work has undoubtedly influenced me stylistically, particularly as I now enjoy using more painterly brushstrokes and studying her work has fuelled my passion for painting portraiture. Music and culture are also majorly influencial, and I enjoy listening to live music and visiting exhibitions.
On completion of my education I hope to apply all of my knowledge and skills and possibly become a successful window dresser for high end fashion retailers, or a fashion illustrator. These career choices combine my love of fashion and art and I hope the Foundation Diploma at Kingston University could inspire and enable me to do this.
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