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    I like this story. It's by Richard Brautigan.

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    1. juliabutterfly50 36 months ago | reply

      there are no words..he used them all

    2. benadamx 36 months ago | reply

      lol i just stumbled this too, sup duder!

    3. onomatoh 36 months ago | reply

      The patriotism spoiled it for me :-P

      http://www.stumbleupon.com/discover/toprated/ (?)

    4. emilyw_TBS 36 months ago | reply

      Ha! Thanks, Ben!

    5. lovesmusi424 36 months ago | reply

      man o man..he's talkin the good stuff...the stuff that light the night and the heart!

    6. Cassie In T-Town 35 months ago | reply

      Yay, aside from the fact that this is an awesome piece of writing, not only in structure but in tone and feeling, and the fact that I've just discovered a new writer with an incredible voice; we get a T-Town shout-out!! Go Grit City!

    7. twonald 35 months ago | reply

      Read In Watermelon Sugar!

    8. erikbetti 35 months ago | reply

      my flat-out favorite chapter of "revenge of the lawn" -- 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 takes a close second.

      awesome scan, and thrilled to stumble upon it!!

    9. theunshockable. 35 months ago | reply

      Haha same... really liked it apart from the whole 'yay for capitalist right wing america' air it had to it,
      Beautiful though!

    10. aMusedbyMusic 35 months ago | reply

      I quite liked the patriotic sentiment added to it, actually; I felt it was a sincere nod to a time when Americans finally began to fall out of complete, hopeless poverty, and fell in love with their country more and more. It's not about the politics of it, it's about a feeling when the world around you isn't so broken that it can't light up and surround you with passionate joy. It's different for us, because we were raised in a different time, with a unique attitude and government.
      Most importantly, this is beautiful all around, and has inspired me to look up this Brautigan fellow! I'm a huge bookworm, and delighted to sample some fresh food for thought!

    11. Craddoke 35 months ago | reply

      How the hell is expressing admiration at the New Deal initiatives and Roosevelt a sign of right-wing capitalism? That's just a really bizarre notion.

    12. WeMeantDemocracy 35 months ago | reply

      I found this on Stumbleupon, thanks for uploading this and all those great pictures of Thailand.

    13. cmwallwatcher 32 months ago | reply

      I love Richard Brautigan - A Confederate General From Big Sur was one of my favorite childhood books.


    14. Sandy Allen 26 months ago | reply

      This is absolutely magical in such a scientific kind of way. And very much how I would want somebody to see me.

    15. Chilly Tan 21 months ago | reply

      Sadly there are places in Bali that actually need to have electricity just the way that story goes. If only those rural places have them, they would love life more.
      Its a good story, hope it happens here in Bali too some day

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