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day 19 - sleepy

to be honest, it was 'one of those days'... I won't go into detail, but I somehow very mysteriously lost my train ticket while sitting, reading, and waiting for the train. I still don't know how I did that. so I had to buy another. my train was over 10 mins late, then I ended up having to wait a good 10 mins for the subway. on saturdays, sales are usually high and there's a ton of traffic, but it was epically slow until around 3, and the rest of the day made up for it, but I made less in commission than usual. It wasn't a *bad* day, just one of those fml types. but the good/neutral stuff balanced out the bad.


I finally got home around 9:15, and I was exhausted and starving (as usual on saturdays :P ). I made dinner and my sister and I decided to finally watch dirty dancing havana nights together, which I was excited about cause we are obsessed with that movie/javier.... but I ended up accidentally sleeping through most of it! D:


when I woke up it was basically the end, and I was so sleepy and cozy but I still had to take my photo of the day. my sister was nice enough to get me my cam so I could take a photo where I was. I took like 5, then left my stuff downstairs and went to sleep... which is why this photo didn't get put up until today! :P

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Taken on June 19, 2010