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Cat vs. Bird in South Brooklyn

I was on my bike rolling through Bay Ridge, when I noticed a bunch of the neighborhood folks gathered around in the front yard of a row house. They were standing around this orange cat, who had just caught a bird, and was batting it around and guarding his kill. Amazingly, the bird got up, and flew across the street. The cat took off, cornered the bird at he wheel of a parked car and caught the bird a second time!


It's always odd, and sort of cool to see Darwin and nature in action in the middle of one of the largest cities in the world. I was a bit bummed that I only had my point and shoot on me, which is why some of these photos are a bit blurry, the shutter just isn't fast enough for action shots.


Disclaimer: I'm not a sadist, I don't condone the torture/killing/hurting of animals or anything else. In fact, I've been a vegetarian for 16 years. These photos are just something in the natural world occurring you don't see often in Brooklyn, so I thought it was worth documenting.

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Taken on August 6, 2010