My Personal Sunday *Explore #220!*

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Please Read!

"My name is Jake and I am a senior at Ramapo College in NJ. I am working on my senior thesis project, a series of non-commercial photo books capturing the perspective and meaning of an American Sunday across the regions. Join my group "Your Personal Sunday" (below) and submit a photograph illustrating what Sunday means to you on a personal level. If you find the project interesting, it would be great if you could also invite your contacts or message the members of any groups you may admin."

Join the group here.

To me, Sundays mean homework. Every Sunday, I make sure I get a good nights sleep then I wake up, eat breakfast/lunch and work on my homework.
This is my first "indoor" picture so I had to play with the lighting alot but I like how it turned out. Right now I'm studying for my bio test and I'm making vocab index cards so thats where I got my idea from :)


Thanks for reading guys :) Also actually try to do this. I'm glad I did it because it challenged me with indoor lighting and now I know how to overcome that issue so please join the group it's not that hard :)

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  1. hansika.jethnani 44 months ago | reply

    oh wow this is a real cool idea :)
    i like the lighting in this! great shot for a first indoor picture :)

  2. kaytee callahan 44 months ago | reply

    This is SWEET looking:)
    Thanks for tagging me, i really appreciate it:)

  3. HappeningsPhoto-rhondaholcomb 44 months ago | reply

    Love the creamy colors-great idea!

  4. RachelLovesToLaugh 44 months ago | reply

    Aww! Thanks so much for the tag girl :D
    I love how simple this, its really beautiful! Ughhhh, I know what you mean about the lighting thing! My camera takes horrid pictures inside!

  5. ►mycupoftea. 44 months ago | reply

    yay, love the tag.
    focus and tones are great, love love love!

  6. Autumn.Love 44 months ago | reply

    It's so good :)
    And thanx for the tag :D

  7. cinnamon_girl 44 months ago | reply

    brilliant idea:) i love the tones:) - Sunday tones ;)

  8. Harbinger Blues 44 months ago | reply

    Love love love this angle and soft focus.

    Haha I love those pencils too!

  9. Chad McDonald 44 months ago | reply

    Stunning Work! Congrats on making Explore!

    Check out my Photos Here!
    Add me as a Contact Here!

  10. *Laura*1 44 months ago | reply

    I love this focus! Such a nice shot

  11. kavitha has a camera. 44 months ago | reply

    hey thanks for the tag :D

  12. Gustavo Mazzarollo 44 months ago | reply

    Very good subject to study, the sunday pause could mean a lots of differents things, they are not all equal. Nice photo like the out of focus pen.

  13. Nicole Alevi...slow for a while 44 months ago | reply

    Beautiful soft colours and focus!

  14. Physical Pixel [deleted] 44 months ago | reply

    Great shot! Thanks for submitting to Your Personal Sunday

    What makes your sunday so memorable?

  15. Kaye Clarete 44 months ago | reply

    hi! first time here. and i love your photos. so pretty colors :)

  16. vc.angra 43 months ago | reply


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