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Blue | by Emily DiDominica (Official)
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My poem is about the color blue for my creative writing class




I feel blue somtimes

The color of sadness and sorrow

The color of tears and rain

Tears drizzling down my red face

Rain leaks from the grey clouds

And splashes on my blue windows (pane)

Blue veins bulge from under my skin

My eyes are cold blue ice

Like the snowy blue mountain tops

Everything is blue

Water trickles down the stream

Into the ocean

Crystal blue

Grey blue sharks lurk past


Dolphines prance along

Sleek and smooth blue

The color of the earth

Seen from black space

Skies shine blue

Contrasting with the fluffy white clouds

As bright as the big yellow sun

Blue is nature

Blue is calm

The hefty hydrangeas are

Delicate blue flowers coming together as one

Blue birds soar by

Through the bright blue skies

Blameless blue robin eggs

Lay in a nest of straw

Blueberries, delicious and small

Burst blue juice

Just like my eyes somtimes

The tears tumble down

From my blueberry eyes


By: Emily DiDominica


3 is the most important number in the world.

The lines arent really visible here but they're there.

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Taken on September 24, 2010