Kingston University Foundation Application
I have always made Art, it is my great passion and through art I feel I can express myself most freely. My ambitions are to work as an illustrator although I would also love to be an independent artist with the opportunity to create and sell my own artwork. Although I have always been creative, making things, painting and drawing, the first theme I remember was always about figures. During art at school I took this further with the human figure. Working with the body is fascinating because it allows me to express many emotions about being human. Looking at the artist Jenny Saville inspired me to focus on people with disfigured faces who have undergone reconstructive surgery. I explored this theme in a number of works and in different mediums.

I’ve been looking at artists Blu and Claudio Ethos, who both paint on a large scale on any surface that is available to them, especially walls. I would love to do work like this as it is outside in a place where any person can see, so that a piece of art becomes part of an urban landscape.

I have grown up surrounded by various art materials and processes, sculpture and paintings, my father is a professional sculptor and grandmother a painter. I have had work experience of much of the sculpture process, helping my father and his assistants at different stages of modelling, armature, mould making, casting in various materials and foundry work.

The Foundation Diploma in Art will inspire me to take my personal expression further. It would give me the opportunity to practice and develop the language of paint and two-dimensional work. After the foundation course, I plan to continue with a fine art degree to prepare myself for life as an independent artist.
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