Green Travis Tree

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    Put some colour on my travis tree, to see if it could become something more useful. Not so sure about the result actually, but it could probably fit in with other micro trees in a forest or something :)


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    1. [Carter] 3 months ago | reply

      this looks great, has an architectural sort of feel that would fit nicely in a micro layout

    2. LegoHobbitFan 3 months ago | reply

      This looks amazing!

    3. Ty Stephany 3 months ago | reply

      I love this, honestly. Tutorial, please! ;-)

    4. Mana Ramp Matoran 3 months ago | reply

      You're too hard on yourself, this looks great man!

      The thing about lego, is it doesn't have to be perfect. There's a level of impressionism that comes along with what we do as artists. Does it look exactly like a tree? No its a clump of squares on a stick. That's not the important part. The importance is that it evokes the concept or thought of a tree. It looks like a tree and we conceptualize it as a tree. To that end, it looks fantastic. It does it's job well, and in a build with other things around it, it'd be a perfectly suitable tree. What's better, take off the stem, and you'd have a perfectly suitable minifig scale shrub to. This design could be very versatile. :D

    5. Emil Lidé 3 months ago | reply

      Carter Thanks! For some reason I wasn't sure about the look, but liking it more and more. And yes, I think it works quite well in micro. Could probably also work in minifig scale for various bushes or other plants :)

      LegoHobbitFan Thank you :)

      Ty Stephany Thanks Ty! Working on it :)

      Dave Foreman Thanks Dave! Haha, yeah, for some reason I was not sure about the look, but it's growing on me :) You are right about the evocation of concepts though - something to keep in mind while building. I find it's easy for me to stare myself blind on what I'm building to the point when I can't really gauge the quality of what I've built. I'm often surprised by the community's response to my builds, sometimes positively and sometimes negatively :)

    6. Julandrius 3 months ago | reply

      It looks gorgeous man! Like Carter said it would work really well on an architecture-concept model. It has this very conceptual look which would work splendid on a design model. If architecture firms would make design models in lego they should use this as the trees :P I've been wanting to make a microscale model for ages. If I finally get around to it I'll definitely think of this as an inspiration!

    7. Emil Lidé 3 months ago | reply

      Julien Andries Thanks Julien :) You should totally build a microscale model! Then show it to your firm and get them to start using LEGO as medium :D

    8. LegoModularFan 3 months ago | reply

      Brilliant tree, looks very realistic for the scale! Keep it up :)

    9. j¤nesy 3 months ago | reply

      It reminds me of some levels in Monument Valley 2. This would make a great tree for a formal garden, or a well manicured city park. Great work!

    10. Mana Ramp Matoran 3 months ago | reply

      Full Plate Its easy to lose perspective on what you're building. What I do, I have a few of my most trusted buddies in the Lego community as friends on Discord, and if I'm not sure about a design, I'll take a quick crappy pic with my phone and send it to them. Having mates you can bounce ideas off of is super helpful.

      And I totally feel you about expectations. I was so hyped about my latest version of my Self MOC Matteo. "Pirate Matteo" was such a cool idea, and I was so stoked about the outcome, and the phtotography, but people don't seem to like this new version as much as the previous one. Then I'll build some robot holding a box because I was bored and the technic seat piece inspired me, and people loved it! You can't ever properly gauge people's expectations, so only go off your own I say.

      Since I started expanding out my plague doctor series, I've had to work more with impressions. I'm using hard plastic parts, to replicate or give the impression of flowing fabrics, and that's been a fun and interesting challenge. Bionicle MOC: Rèmi Basile Take this one for example. I'd say I did a pretty good job here. You gotta stand back and ask yourself "Does it generally look like the thing I'm trying to make?" if the answer is yes, you did a good job man. ;)

    11. Mana Ramp Matoran 3 months ago | reply

      Also, can we get a how to on the travis-tree? I'm curious how you got the inner workings of this thing to work. I have a ton of black travis bricks off the pick a brick wall, it'd be fun to use some of them.

    12. Peeters Kevin 3 months ago | reply

      Ah Travis bricks, such a usefull piece.

    13. Emil Lidé 3 months ago | reply

      LegoModularFan Thanks :) Glad you like it!

    14. Emil Lidé 3 months ago | reply

      j¤nesy Thanks! Yeah, I think it can be quite versatile too :)

    15. Emil Lidé 3 months ago | reply

      Dave Foreman Thanks Dave! Glad to know I'm not the only one not sure about the quality of my work :) I have a group of LEGO guys I trust as well - I should check stuff like this with them more often :)

      And yeah, in the end I think we just have to build what we feel like building. You can't please everyone with your stuff, so might as well go with what you like. Otherwise you'll probably be miserable building quite soon.

      I'd say you nailed it with the fabric challenge on that build :)

      And yes, I've almost completed a tutorial for this tree, so should be able to get it out tomorrow :)

    16. Emil Lidé 3 months ago | reply

      Peeters Kevin Yeah, they are :) And like most useful pieces those usages take a while to reveal themselves :)

    17. Mana Ramp Matoran 3 months ago | reply

      Full Plate We all doubt ourselves man. Every artist does that, if they don't they're arrogant narcissists. XD That's good. I just remade a discord server for friends in the lego community to join.

      Exactly. I learned this a long time ago, and that's why I'm not part of any of the major Bionicle groups like BZP, or Masterpiece. I wasn't interested in changing my MOCs to impress those guys so I kinda told them all to stuff it. XD That's why none of them like me anymore. This doesn't seem to be as much of a problem in the larger AFOL community. But I tell ya, the Bionicle fandom can be a heard of cats all engaging in pissing contests it feels like sometimes.

      Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I call that technique "Tectonic Fa-brick" I use mixel joints underneath the plates and wedges to allow them to move. Try it some time.

      Sweet! I look forward to that. I'm so making some travis shrubs.

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