Element Experimentation: Bamboo Grass

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    I know my most of techniques come with some serious investment requirements, but not so today! Because all you actually need is just bamboo :) It's pretty cheap, and can often be found in Pick-a-Brick walls. So this is a technique that hopefully anyone can afford :)

    The drawback, of course, is the quality. There is a distinct repetitive pattern that I think is pretty hard to break, unless you are willing to bend the leaves in different directions, in which case you're likely going to break more than a few. If you are just using one or two rows of this that will probably be a better use case for it, since the pattern won't be as obvious.

    It is also slightly cumbersome to include in a build, as it requires rows of alternating studs and antistuds on both sides. Manageable but certainly not something you just smack on a build.

    I still feel it is an upgrade from just putting out rows of green stalks. Or actually, not sure about that, since you can get some variation on stalks by rotating them. But at least, um, you get a more leafy quality to the grass here ;)

    Well, that's it really. Simple and cheap, but not the most impressive grass to be sure :)


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    1. LegoHobbitFan 2 months ago | reply

      I tried something similar to this a while back, but yours turned out much better! Plus, I might actually be able to afford this!

    2. Emil Lidé 2 months ago | reply

      LegoHobbitFan Thanks! Yeah, it’s pretty affordable:)

    3. LegoModularFan 2 months ago | reply

      Nice technique! I’ve seen a similar grass technique by Stelario, he also integrated normal grass pieces into the terrain to add some variety and it seems to be working quite well!

    4. gid617 2 months ago | reply

      I once did this without the headlight brick offset, broke quite a few of the stalks. This looks a little tricky to incorporate in a build but much less dangerous for the parts!

    5. andreaaggio1 2 months ago | reply

      very verye good idea. i want to build it

    6. Emil Lidé 2 months ago | reply

      LegoModularFan Thank you!

      Ah, haven't seen that :) His seems to be offset 1 stud per row and tilted diagonally to get a softer angle on the leaves. Smart :)

    7. Emil Lidé 2 months ago | reply

      Kai NRG/Geneva There is actually no offset between the columns here. It took a while before I could put them on "safely", but just need to keep in mind which leaves are the highest and lowest and it's fine. There's a little bit of "push" but not much.

    8. Emil Lidé 2 months ago | reply

      andrea aggio Thank you! You should :)

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