Cattle Horn Grass

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    Taking apart your old builds can be quite interesting, in the way that you rediscover some old techniques you've been using. Having covered a few grass techniques recently I thought this one could be interesting to share. It was my attempt at using cattle horns to create some long grass. I originally had planned to cover quite a big area with this, but even with a few hundreds you only get so far unfortunately, and the patch became quite small.

    Still, it's a technique that looks pretty nice, and it's pretty simple really, just gotta have quite a load of green cattle horns :P


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    1. Ty Stephany 3 weeks ago | reply

      Love the technique! All these landscaping parts must have cost you a fortune; just these in the quantities you have them are running around $0.20 each!

    2. Emil Lidé 3 weeks ago | reply

      Ty Stephany Thanks! Yeah, they're pricey, but have gotten most of them at bulk prices, so it's not too bad :)

    3. Ty Stephany 3 weeks ago | reply

      Full Plate Understandable. LUGbulk?

    4. LegoModularFan 3 weeks ago | reply

      This is one of the my favorite Lego grass if not my favorite so I’m really glad to see a detailed shot of this!

    5. AK_Brickster 3 weeks ago | reply

      Very nice! Good idea to utilize the hollow studs of the technic bricks!

    6. Rip Gabe 3 weeks ago | reply

      Hot keep the new techniques coming!!!

    7. Emil Lidé 3 weeks ago | reply

      Ty Stephany Yeah, some of them. Some from events as well.

    8. Emil Lidé 3 weeks ago | reply

      LegoModularFan Thanks! Glad you like it and hope it comes to good use :)

    9. Emil Lidé 3 weeks ago | reply

      Jordan Thanks! Yeah, hollow studs are super useful for lots of different types of grass :)

    10. Emil Lidé 3 weeks ago | reply

      Gabe F Thanks! Will try :)

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