Shadowlands Helkin - OOAK Helga Reinhard cats
Pair of Helga Reinhard Bjd cats I've been working on as part of the Shadownlands Collection. These are 15cm high 3D printed doll kits I painted and assembled. The eyes were also very interesting to make.

The Shadownlands Collection is based on science fiction stories by Dyan Bender.

These new characters in the collection are Ashe with her two Helkin companions: Polaris and Aurel.

Helkin an alien feline species, large, fierce predators and highly intelligent. The other characters in the books wonder if they are in fact sentient beings as Ashe seems to communicate with them telepathically.

Almost all Helkin have spots and patterns, and Aurel 's silvery blue fur is inspired by a snow leopard. She is a young, bold and playful creature, often being silly like a kitten. Polaris is older, calm and energy efficient. His tawny colouration is inspired by a king cheetah.

These are commissioned bespoken OOAK dolls and not for sale. If you want to commission a unique doll of your own please visit
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