Petrographie Collection - Inamorata OOAKs
I've had this OOAK collection ready for a while, but was planning to release it only after the Cherub and Seraph were out. However, there seems to be a delay after another from the factories (now the fashion factory told us there will be a delay of 3 weeks at least in the production) so I thought I'd unveil it now to give you something to pass the time while waiting for the LE dolls. The Petrographie collection consist of 3 dressed OOAK dolls: Aimant, Grès and Craie. The first 2 feature the African Nnaji sculpt and Craie features the Asian Miao sculpt. All the dolls are hand painted, and all the fashions and shoes hand made by em'lia.

Aimant and Craie will be sold through silent auction via email (people on the mailing list will get a newsletter about the details. If you haven't subscribed to the first-to-know list you can do it at

Grès will be part of a charity auction of New York doll club Metrodolls'
( event "Style evolution 1920 to present" on October 6th.
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